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Lotus japonicus (birdsfoot trefoil)


Lotus japonicus is a model legume used for studies of nitrogen fixing, mycorrhizal symbioses, and other aspects of legume biology. The euchromatic (gene-rich) portion of cultivar Miyakojima MG-20 has been sequenced at the Kazusa DNA Research Institute, and serves as a reference for many other legume species − particularly other species in the Robinieae tribe (containing the fodder plant Sesbania, and the black locust tree); and other "cool-season legumes" such as pea, faba, lentil, clovers, and medics.

Of Special Interest

See the LIS Lotus genome browser, and the browsers and genetic resources at the Kazusa Institute. Also see map views at Kazusa and at NCBI.

NCBI taxon34305
GRIN taxon22722
Nodulation typeDeterminate
Flowering typeShort Day


SpeciesNCBI Taxon ID
Mesorhizobium loti381

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Genome Summary

Chromosomes2n = 12
Genome size471 (Mbp)
Chloroplast genome size150.5 (kbp)
Chloroplast NCBI accession numberNC_002694


genetic mapLj marker database at KazusaLinkout »
genetic mapMap view at NCBILinkout »
genome assemblyGenome build 2.5 at Kazusa, including annotationLinkout »
genome browserGBrowse at Kazusa based on genome build 2.5. Provides a gene-scale focusLinkout »
genome browserGBrowse at LIS based on genome build 2.5. Provides a comparative focusLinkout »
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transcript assemblyGene index at the Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteLinkout »
transcript assemblyAssemblies at JCVILinkout »
transcript assemblyCurrent UniGene build at NCBILinkout »
transcript assemblyTranscript assemblies at LISLinkout »

Reference Data

Genetic MapGenetic mapsKazusa DNA Res. Inst.Download »
GenomeGenome assembly and associated filesKazusa DNA Res. Inst.Download »

Selected References

Current publications on Lotus japonicus at PubMed.

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